Anglicanism: a digression

In our Listening Lunch today we heard excerpts from Anglicanism: a very short introduction by Mark Chapman (OUP, 2006). One aspect of establishing a new church that was highlighted was the need for a service book, and so we heard about the earliest versions of the Prayer Book: 1549, 1552, and 1559. Norwich Cathedral LibraryContinue reading “Anglicanism: a digression”

Memoirs of Samuel Pepys

Memoirs of Samuel Pepys, secretary to the Admiralty in the reigns of Charles II and James II comprising his diary from 1659 to 1669, deciphered by the Rev John Smith from the original shorthand, … 5 vols (London, 1828) My thoughts went to this work because of its coverage of the plague of 1665 –Continue reading “Memoirs of Samuel Pepys”

Musical musings

At last week’s “listening lunch” we heard extracts from Voices by the sea: the story of the Aldeburgh Festival Choir, by Wilfred J. Wren. The story he tells of the development of the choral input to Benjamin Britten’s Aldeburgh Festival would strike a chord with anyone who has sung in a choir – issues ofContinue reading “Musical musings”

Our First Blog!

Welcome to Norwich Cathedral Library’s blog. It’s a new venture for us, so here’s a bit about the Library, its collections, and what happens here, by way of an introduction. The Historic Library houses about 8,000 volumes of printed books, the earliest dating from 1474. The collection was moved in here in 1913. We lostContinue reading “Our First Blog!”

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